Collie Dogs: A True Example of Man’s Best Friend

Collie Ownership for the Novice and Expert

Whether a collie dog newcomer or a dog collie expert, touches on every aspect of owning these incredible dogs.

While the newcomer to collies may have plenty to learn, even the experienced collie parent can stand to learn more about this eager to please breed!

Whether it’s the origin of the Australian cattle dog or the bearded variety of the breed or the details of illnesses prevalent to specific breed types, there is always more to learn.

Ask anyone what it is about this breed that they love and intelligence and work ethic will top the list. A fast learning group of breeds, the dog collie is a fan favorite for

advanced obedience training,
fly-ball activity,
agility work,
and even dance competitions!

Perhaps what lovers of this dog love the most, however, is the ease with which these breeds pick up on obedience.

What collie lovers don't love so much, however, at least not those of the working persuasion, is the obsession with herding that is prevalent in every breed in the book! This is a small misgiving, however, when taking into consideration all of the benefits that come with such a determined and hard working breed!

Learn everything necessary to determine the demands of ownership of these dogs including:

  • Natural tendencies of each breed type
  • Exercise requirements
  • Height and weight expectations
  • Energy levels
  • Sociability
  • Genetic composition
  • Attention requirements
  • Grooming needs
  • Life expectancy
  • Common health concerns

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